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Welcome to PRD COLLEGE

Training the next generation of European and African PRD Scientists

PRD College is a Poverty Related Diseases College created in 2007 by a consortium of 10 fellows drawn from 5 countries in Africa (Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia & Tanzania) and 4 countries in Europe (Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands & The Italy). It is an Interactive Programme in BioMedicine and Development, a virtual institute and a network that connects young African and European biomedical scientists and their institutions – fired with the zeal to consolidate science and its role in the overall development of Africa.

The PRD College consists of a Modular Training Curriculum and is opened to selected students from Africa and Europe . Course modules include a Basic Elective Educational Programme (BEEP), an Advanced Elective Educational Programme (ADEEP), a Mandatory Educational Programme (MEP), a Reality Check and a Science Exchange Programme at Centres of Excellence in Europe and Africa.

The PRD college is opened to participants from Africa (12) and from Europe(12) who are [MDs, registered in PhD programs , Bioscience PhD students or recent Post-Docs working on Poverty Related Diseases.

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